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Trimming Dry | LTD Trimming

Trimming your plants takes time, primarily because you must be very careful with your buds. However, it is the final stage before you can begin consuming your own cultivated marijuana.

How to Trim Marijuana Plants Dry:

That is if you cut your marijuana plants dry by Scissors For Trimming Cannabis, as some people love to do. Scissors For Trimming Cannabis is used to remove the buds from all of the leaves and stems. These are not ideal for smoking, but don’t throw them away just yet because they can be used for other purposes.

In this lesson, I’ll teach you what you need to trim your marijuana, how to trim it, and some interesting suggestions along the way.

Trimming, dry or wet

It takes a particular amount of time for a marijuana plant to flower before it is ready to be harvested. This varies slightly depending on the type, but it basically boils down to:

Dry trimming is my preference. Wet pruning is faster and takes up less space while drying, but those are the only advantages in my perspective.

Starch and sugars are transformed, and chlorophyll is broken down, during drying. In a final attempt to reproduce, the plant will expend all of its energy on developing buds. If you completely dry your plants, all remaining energy will flow to the buds.

The leaves will curl around the buds, protecting them slightly. And you’ll just get a higher-quality product. As a result, I prefer dry trimming with Scissors For Trimming Cannabis. However, if you like wet trimming, see How to Trim Wet Marijuana?

List of Purchases

Use tiny Best Scissors For Trimming Cannabis with a sharp tip and large handles at all times. All little leaves between the buds must be removed with the pointed tip. And we prefer large grips because small ones can cause finger pain.

Because your buds are currently quite sticky, you should wear gloves. I always wear latex surgical gloves, either white or black. You can still easily move your hands without them becoming sticky. THC accumulated on your fingertips can be stored and rolled into a hash ball. This is wonderful when smoked.

Because of the strong odour, always wear old clothes before trimming. Do not wash the clothes you wore while trimming with other clothes because they will begin to smell. To get rid of the stink, you’ll need to wash the clothes at least twice.

Because marijuana is quite sticky, it is preferable to wear clothing with long sleeves and slacks. Your arms and legs will become sticky and itching if you do not.

I always keep a tray on my lap to capture the trimming waste and the buds I trim. Not only is it neat and ordered, but the cutting waste is also valuable. It’s recommended not to smoke it, but you can use it to make hash or bake a cake. Is it a fun component of a birthday celebration?

If you use your lovely dining room chairs for cutting, they will get quite sticky and stinky. Washing plastic or wood is still possible, but cleaning fabrics is a nightmare. Simply get a low-cost folding chair designed specifically for cutting.

Put your buds in a plastic bin or a cardboard box. If you have too much weed, utilise different containers to prevent your buds from being crushed by the weight of the rest.

Trimming Techniques

You should trim your marijuana in your growing room because it includes a carbon filter to keep the stench at bay. You can even do it in the living room if you don’t have too much weed and your neighbours don’t mind. Just be aware that everything will begin to smell like cannabis and become sticky.

Marijuana trimming is actually rather simple. It merely takes a long time and must be done neatly. These are the actions to take:

1 Cut off all secondary branches from a plant.

2 Take a secondary branch and remove all of the buds.

3 Take a bud and clip off any leaves that are protruding from it.

4 Grab a bud, crumble some cannabis into a pipe, and hit it.

Are you ready to move on to the next step?

How much time does it take? 

Marijuana trimming is a delicate and time-consuming task. I usually weigh the results after a day of cutting to determine the day’s yield. It varies depending on the variety, but I trim roughly 3.5 ounces per hour. That’s roughly two huge plants planted in 6.5 gallon pots.

However, unskilled friends occasionally assist me. They trim between 0.9 and 1.8 ounces each hour. I don’t mind the quantity as long as the marijuana is well-trimmed and has no leaves adhering to the bud. So, as a new grower, you’ll have some hours of work to complete Trimming Your Marijuana?

If you detect any of these changes, take a pair of pruning shears and begin harvesting your plants right away.

What should be done with the cutting waste?

THC is scarce in the broad leaves, while it is abundant in the little leaves around the buds. Keep these leaves so you can create hash from them later. You can also make cannabis butter and use it to bake pies, cookies, and muffins.

Trimming Instructions

While trimming, make sure to listen to some relaxing music. Put on an old track suit and expect it to get soiled. Because you can’t easily leave the house to get a sub, make sure you have adequate food and drink in the house. Even a shower won’t get rid of the weed stench.

Every now and again, scrape some hash off your Best Scissors For Trimming Cannabis and gloves and roll it into a ball. These balls are lovely to smoke, but they are really potent. This is practically entirely THC.

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