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Since nobody enjoys spending more time than necessary trimming sticky marijuana, there’s no reason for you to. The resin and crystallisation that make marijuana so appealing may actually work against you here. The sharpness of your Trimming Scissors Cannabis will begin to diminish almost immediately after you begin shaping your buds to perfection.

You may wonder, “Why do I have to clean them?”

Even though it’s not required, it’s best practice to clean your scissors after use to prevent the spread of harmful molds and germs that could lead to subpar buds and possibly contaminate future harvests. In order to save money and get the most out of your scissors, let’s take a look at the best ways to maintain them.

For optimal results while Trimming Scissors Cannabis, consider the following advice.

The advice here ranges from the obvious to practical, helping you get the most out of your harvest.

Snip the buds using a pair of Trimming Shears: Coat the cutting edges with oil.

You may have used this method on everything from the door knobs to the bolt heads in your do-it-yourself garage. Lubricating metals is a job for oil. Therefore, why is that? The oil will keep your blades sharp and prevent them from rusting. If you dry your scissors well after cleaning them with water, the protective function will prevent rust from accumulating, allowing for a cleaner cut and less time spent harvesting.


This is one of the oldest and most reliable techniques. How can you prevent a pair of scissors from becoming blocked up? It’s easy to get the work done by employing multiple pairs. When dealing with a sizable crop or multiple varieties, this comes in particularly handy. Leaving your shears in a cup of rubbing alcohol between uses may greatly expedite the process of cutting down with Trimming Bud Scissors your plant when it has reached its last phases (more on this later).

It’s best to scrape off any excess resin.

Get Rid of Excess Resin Using Cannabis Trim Scissors and a Scraper

We know that after reading this manual you may feel as though adhesive trimming scissors are the worst invention ever. Resin contains cannabis, and cannabinoids are also present in sticky blades.

To ensure your product is emanual, how you want it before curing, you can use the cleaning process as a chance to test it out. Sharp blades, such as a scalpel, can be used to scrape the resin from the scissors, and then the tools can be soaked in rubbing alcohol to remove any remaining residue. It’s ready to eat now, or you can put it in the freezer for later. Scissor hash is the term for this method.


Keeping Your Pot Scissors in Tip-Top Shape

For the next crop, you’ll want to have your cannabis-trimming scissors in tip-top shape, so let’s go through some after-use cleaning procedures.


If you want something that will clean and disinfect well, buy some good alcohol. Resin can be removed off scissors by scraping it off and then soaking them in rubbing alcohol. We advise stocking up on shears and giving them 15-30 minutes of downtime between uses. This is the fastest way to trim your marijuana. After letting the Best Cannabis Bud Trimming Scissors rest for a while, remove them and wipe them dry with a towel.

Eliminator of Citric Acid, or Fruit Sniffer

Those who either don’t like the taste of alcoholic beverages or who live in a region where they are difficult to obtain may wish to try their hand at distilling their own. Put some baking soda and coconut oil in a bowl and mix them together. Then, add some natural citrus essential oil and use this to scrub away citrus stains. Use a cotton ball or a piece of cloth to remove any lint from your Best Cannabis Bud Trimming Scissors. It is possible to get the same results by using just the citrus oil found in the peel to get rid of the resin. Towels can be used as a peeling tool or as a grating surface for fruit skins.

Vinegar (white)

White vinegar is a cheap and effective cleaning product that can be found in most homes. Trimming Bud Scissors can be cleaned by soaking them in vinegar and then wiping them down with a cloth or towel to remove any remaining residue. Because vinegar is less effective than rubbing alcohol, you may need to do this twice.


This is not a cleaning method, but rather a means of facilitating the aforementioned approaches. Cutting the resin using frozen scissors will help lift and condense the resin, making it easier to cut. Freezing the trichomes makes them much less of a hassle to remove.


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