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Tips on Cutting Back Cannabis Plants | LTD TRIMMING

After harvesting, many amateur growers skip the crucial step of trimming the buds. You can enhance the look and taste of your buds by removing any remaining leaves.

Aiming at eradicating the thorns

The leaves of the Best Cannabis Scissors plant are crucial since this is where the plant’s food is made through the process of photosynthesis. When you’re done reaping the benefits of your labor, the plant will no longer need you (obviously). The leaves can contain a lot of chlorophyll if you haven’t cleansed your buds properly, so it’s best to remove the extra plant material from your buds is. Best Scissors For Trimming Bud. Improved aesthetics aside, you’ll notice a gain in strength and a decrease in harshness from employing this method. Even though pruning decreases the overall yield, the improved flavour and aesthetics make up for it.

Achieve I need any specific tools or materials to do this?

Trimming is a basic technique that doesn’t require any resources. You can use your fingers to pick off undesired leaves and plant material, but it’s best to follow these guidelines to avoid mistakes and contamination. All of the following are essential for a neat trim job:

Branches-specific shears

  • Use a separate set of shears or scissors to trim your buds than the ones you use to chop down the branches.
  • Some limbs are too tough for even the Best Cannabis Trimmer Scissors. The best cannabis trimming scissors will have a sharp cutting edge.

Protect your trichomes with these disposable gloves.

There are two scenarios in which one would benefit from using disposable rubber gloves. Keep your hands away from your buds to avoid contaminating the trichomes with dirt and other unwanted substances.

  • Wearing gloves is recommended since the resin can stick to bare skin.
  • Equipment similar to manicure shears for clipping buds to exact specifications.

If you want to prune your bushes, you should use trimming shears instead of Best Cannabis Trimmer Scissors. You won’t have to spend a fortune on them. The improved sharpness and precision will help you save time and reduce the likelihood of making mistakes, all while producing significantly more attractive flowers.

Having a clean bucket or tray handy will be necessary for collecting the cut leaves.

The use of a tray or bucket is optional. Producers commonly trim their plants and store the trimmings in buckets or trays for later use in extractions. Additionally, you can save time by avoiding post-chopping cleanup. Collect the additional plant debris in a bucket or tray as you go to avoid having to sweep it up afterward. A “trim tray” is a useful accessory if you Best Cannabis Trimmer Scissors a lot of bud. Today, the world is rife with opportunities. They operate thanks to a micron-scale screen on the base of the tray. This micron screen lets through only the trichomes that will fall off the cut buds and not any of the plant material. A surprising quantity of trichomes fall off the buds when trimming, and it would be wasteful to get rid of them. Using one of these specialised trim trays, you may collect a high quantity of kief for processing into an extract or concentrate of your choosing.

The greatest pair of cannabis trimmer scissors is another item you shouldn’t skimp on. Investing in a good pair of Scissors For Trimming Buds or shears can make trimming a lot more pleasurable, but that is not to say that you need to go into debt to do so. When you have the right tools for the work, you can get more done and turn out a higher-quality end result. Shears should be kept clean with rubbing alcohol for use on the stickiest of messes. If you’re only interested in the flowers and not the extracts, you should never “shave” the buds. When cutting sugar leaves, it’s crucial to get as close to the stem as possible using the blades of your scissors.

To dry the buds after clipping, use a clothes hanger or a drying net.

You’ll want a safe place to keep the buds once you’ve harvested them. When harvesting the entire plant, use clothes hangers or lines instead of drying nets to separate the buds from the branches. The choice is yours, but remember that you’ll need a place to store your buds while you’re in the midst of trimming them.

How to Cut the Fat Out of Your Buds

In order to enhance the appearance of the bud, it is trimmed, which involves removing any unwanted parts of the plant, such as leaves or pistils. During the flowering stage, trim to get rid of anything that isn’t covered with trichomes. You should get rid of as many of the pistils and leaves as you can from the area around the buds. Due to a lack of trichomes, pistils should not be stored for extended periods of time.

The function of the flowers you’re working with will determine the method of Best Cannabis Trimmer Scissors you employ. The results may also change depending on whether the flower is smoked or used in an extract, edible, or both. If the flowers are going to be smoked, a tight cut is necessary to remove any unwanted parts. When making edibles or extracts from the buds, you won’t be able to appreciate their beauty as they are in their natural state. Reduce your budging to maximise your harvest of valuable trichomes.

Should You Use Wet or Dry Trimming Equipment?

Farmers may agree on when to harvest cannabis using the Best Cannabis Scissors For Trimming Buds, but they may disagree on when to trim and manicure their crops for maximum yield. To maintain a neat and well-groomed appearance, you can choose between two distinct grooming techniques: wet and dry cutting. Depending on parameters like curing time and environment, either damp or dry cutting is suitable for trimming. You get to play judge and jury here.

Wet-cutting the hedges

The process of cutting cannabis when the leaves are still damp is known as a “wet trim.” This is the most used tactic, and for good reason. Remove the smaller leaves that might otherwise be obscured by the larger leaves by trimming your buds while they are still damp.

Excessively dried buds will have a smell similar to that of hay. If you want them to dry quickly, you shouldn’t hasten the process (e.g. by applying heat or fans facing directly onto the buds).

Water trimming is recommended when:

Mold can be prevented by removing any plant debris that has accumulated throughout the drying process.

You can dry more flowers in the same amount of space if you remove the excess plant material.

If you want your buds to dry more quickly, trim the leaves before you start drying them.


Dry pruning, in which the majority of the water is removed from the buds, can begin after they have dried for up to 10 days. Many farmers like dry timing since it is less labour intensive and messier. Cannabis trimming, your hands and shears can soon become coated with resin, requiring frequent stops to clean them.

  • When a dry trim is preferable over a wet one:
  • You don’t give a damn about the potential for mould.
  • A relative humidity reading of less than 45% indicates dry conditions.

Reduced drying time for buds is preferred (drying buds too fast may cause them to smell like hay).


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